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protect our past

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.

–Marcus Garvey–

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Recently, it has become sadly evident that many heritage sites in Ireland are suffering untold damage due to the actions of visitors, ranging from general carelessness to outright vandalism.

To make people aware of this, and to inform them how they can protect heritage sites during visits, in July 2020 I designed the poster below. Please share it.

It is up to us all to protect our past.

July 2020 POP Poster Updated finished.png
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Background Red Main Navy version PD_edit

about the poster

In the Protect Our Past poster above, I chose to incorporate an infinity symbol by joining the Os of the two 'POP's in the header together. This symbolises the inextricable bond not only between our past and present, but between one another. 

Although our heritage belongs to us all, no one generation owns it, and so each must act as a custodian for the generations to come. As with any issue, the first step on the road to a better future is awareness, so you could help in the protection of Ireland's heritage, or any country's heritage, by sharing the Protect Our Past poster. Together, many small actions can make a big difference.

Conservation broadcast tower PD pbay edi
Background Red dark to light grained PD

share the poster

One way you can share this poster is by sharing this webpage using the social media buttons below:

Another way you can share the poster is by clicking on the poster itself or this Protect Our Past icon, which will allow you to copy the poster's URL or save the image to your computer. Also, feel free to remove the attribution to The Evolution of Ireland at the bottom of the poster if you so wish.

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